Tested and Approved by
A. Radiation Environmental Management Systems inc. Of Canada
B. Statens Stralskyddsinstitut Swedish Radiation protection Institute of Sweden
* completely prevent the emission of glare, static, reflection, and radiation from the screen, which may raise invisible harm to your body
a) The electrostatics field is reduced to: 1%
b) The alternating electric field is reduced to:
1% at 100Hz
1-5% at 20-500 kHz
What is the risk of exposure in the circumstance of static and radiation emission?
Some laboratories research and findings are that it may be linked to Birth defects, spontaneous abortions, and eye irritation. If you have stayed long before a screen, you might have experienced eye-strain, Tiredness, headaches, temporary near sightedness or double vision.

* Sunny Star Bright Filters offer you a simple way to protect yourself from these risks

Highly conductive metal mesh is used to manufacture this mesh to cause the elimination of those invisible harm mentioned above.
Each filament in this Electromagnetic/ Electrostatic Mesh Filter directly absorb the potentially Harmful Radiation and Static energy which is dissipated through the grounding.


There are Glass and Nylon Mesh Filters on the market but they all use chemical coatings to reduce unwanted reflections.
The problem is that the coatings get denudate due to misuse, rubbings, moist etc. SSB filters are made of high technological metal mesh which is by far the best material to achieve the multiple objectives of Anti-Glare, Anti-Radiation, Anti-Static.

Made from Anodized Aluminium or ABS Alloy - Unlike glass filters, it won't break., weights almost nothing and install easily.

The fixing system is a simple, but high effective set of hangers which rest on the top of the VDU, for T/V and large screen monitors. A simple Velcro fastener is used to hold the filter in place.


The main operating principle of a VDU is to generate a constant stream of high energy Electrons which strike the rear of the screen surface and cause PHOSPHORESCENCE to appear in a pattern. This pattern represents the information to be seen or read. As a result, Electrostatic fields are an inescapable product of the technology and can sustain a potential of 20,000 Volts or more

  • The 180 Mesh is for colour TV and Regular Monitors
    This is recommended for computers screens where colour and Graphic images would play a minor role in daily work schedules.
  • The 280 Mesh is for High Resolution colour Monitors
    This is suitable for the high resolution Television and those for engineering purpose coloured monitors.

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