Holding "First the Word of God"

In September, HTS (Hamilton Theological Seminary) will be introducing the LIFE Program (Language Institute For Evangelism) to ESL Students from South Korea, India and Africa. Plan is on the way to expand and eventually to invite students from other countries to study at LIFE.

What is LIFE ?

LIFE is a curriculum of intense English training that utilizes Scriptures, Bible Stories and Christian music as well as mandatory supervised fieldwork within the churchs of the community. The program will be set up on a quarterly system and a 3 credit granted for each semester completed. Upon completion of 9 credits, a LIFE certificate will be awarded which will qualify and license the student to teach the LIFE program abroad.* Certain conditions and provisions may apply

Each day will be set up around achieving three objectives:

1. Phonetic and linguistic development.

2.Comprehension and conversation,

3.Field work to encourage and strengthen the student in the use of the new language.

Fee: $600.00 (Canadian) per quarter/semester
Boarding & Lodging ranges from $900.00-$1200.00/Month depending on student's needs.
(Some students may qualify for support from some Christian organizations)

For registration Information please contact:-
Mr Anthony B Nunoo (Adm. Officer)
Tel/Fax 905-528-8863 in North America, Toll free 1-877-216-6845
Rev. Tony John Ouwehand (President)
Tel 905-522-3775 or 905-512-1989
Address: P.O. Box 89070, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8S 4R5